Private treatment typically involves a significant financial investment. However, at Solace we endeavor to keep our fees as affordable as possible to ensure you are able to get the treatment you need. 


Initial 30 min phone consultation: Free 

Navigation Consultancy one off fee: NZ$3,900 + GST = NZ$4,485.00

Consultancy fees include:

  • Full professional and confidential consultation and assessment

  • Intervention preparation and facilitation

  • All liaison with medical professionals 

  • Facilitation and organisation of detox and treatment facility

  • All logistics for transportation and accommodation 

  • Fully accompanied travel and safe admission to treatment facility (Airfares extra)

  • Full support for families and chosen parties

  • Liaison with client and nominated parties during treatment programme

  • Facilitation for after-care if required for recovery (AOD Clinician)

  • Long term mentoring and support in recovery

You can choose from the following options for help from Solace: 

  • Facilitating support in legal matters i.e. bail condition variations (legal fees) 

  • Preparation and facilitation of an interruption (alone): NZ$1,800+GST 

  • Airfares and accommodation for an interruption outside the greater Auckland Area (seasonal rate) 

  • Accompanying the person to the treatment facility is included in the Navigation Fee, however the cost of the airfare is additional.

Costs for the Treatment Facilities, Detox and after-care AOD Clinician and Psychologists, will be determined and outlined to meet the needs of our clients. These costs can vary between Detox needs and the duration of the Treatment Facilities stay.


Please inquire for cost, services include: 

  • Full professional and confidential consultation with family and support persons

  • Travel to clients preferred meeting place (excluding outside of the greater Auckland area). Flights and accommodation seasonal

  • Full factual evidence-based information for decision making 

  • Ongoing support for family and support persons no matter of outcome of interruption meeting

  • Continued support and relationship building with client while the decision is being made, regardless of time taken for this


Please note, the interruption fee is waived if the client wishes to go forward with Navigation. Complete confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed.