If you are worried about your drinking or drug use, or someone else's, then we can help. 

Founded in 2016 by Denise Cloughley, the dedicated team at Solace cut through the red-tape and bureaucracy, arranging access to immediate medical detox, rehabilitation and individually tailored aftercare support.  We also offer interruption or intervention services to assist families who wish for a family member to agree to get help.


Help is simply a phone call away.  There are no waiting lists, or lengthy processes to access treatment. Once a client or their family have contacted us, we do the rest, so you can focus on getting well. 

  • We arrange all travel and admission to one of our international partner medical detox and rehabilitation clinics. 


  • We accompany you on every part of your journey to recovery, including travelling with you, and arranging the medical and mental health treatment that you need.


  • We liaise with your GP if needed, and make sure that you get the right medical and psychological treatment to address the underlying reasons why you are unwell.


  • We understand how important your family relationships are, and we liaise with your family while you are in medical detox and rehabilitation treatment.


  • We work with your rehabilitation team to ensure that when you come home, you have the right aftercare support, and mentoring, to aid your ongoing recovery.


  • If required, we can represent you in Court, to facilitate access to treatment, including all liaison with your lawyer, the Police and your probation officer.

Take the first step and call. We will begin by asking some basic questions and talk through the different treatment options available. From there we will undertake a consultation and develop a personalised treatment pathway that suits your individual needs. In some cases, medical detox will be required followed by direct transfer and admission into the elected treatment facility, or an interruption process may need to take place first.

All contact/communication with us will be private and confidential. We treat everyone with dignity, respect and understanding. Contact us now to take the first step in turning towards the life you want and deserve.