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Simply reading website testimonials is sometimes not enough to encourage this life changing step. 


A number of clients and their families who have walked the path with Solace are happy to talk with you in confidence about their own experiences to help and encourage trust around your decision making.

Call Solace and they can arrange for this to happen.

- Susan

I had given up on life. My family had all given up on me. 


After yet another DIC, a car crash and my self-harming, their last resort was a phone call to a private rehabilitation hospital. Denise answered the call. She guided my husband through his anger, frustration, confusion and hopelessness. Over the course of a few days and phone calls Denise reassured Blair that help for me was possible. All was not lost. 


I, however, took my time ringing Denise. I was under constant surveillance and seriously ill from detoxing, so it was only out of desperation that I finally picked up the phone and called her number. What a relief it was to hear a voice that understood what I was going through. I couldn’t believe that my story was her story. Denise had been where I was. She had survived and was now sober. 


That was the biggest turnaround for me. I wanted to get started, save myself and meet this wonderful person at the other end of the phone. I wanted what she had and so I began my journey. 


I am now fourteen months free from the addiction to alcohol, my children have their mother back and my husband and I have a relationship that has never been better. 


I love my life. 


Thank you Denise. 

- Chris

I met Denise early in 2015 when I found myself entering rehab at Capri Hospital for depression and alcohol dependency. On my arrival at Capri [Hospital], I was in a state of shock and disbelief that I had ended up in this situation despite having led a very successful life, raising three wonderful children and owning my own retail/manufacturing business for some 20 plus years. I was deeply traumatised and felt humiliated to be in such position. 


During my induction to Capri [Hospital], I met Denise. Her story resonated with me so deeply that I felt a huge weight had been lifted. Here was someone who appeared to be so completely confident and was in a similar position to myself a few years earlier. It gave me so much hope and confidence that I too, could turn my life around and become someone that I would like and respect again. 


I was so impressed with Denise's journey and rehabilitation that I asked her if she would be my mentor. I am proud to say that thanks to Capri [Hospital] and Denise's support, I am now living a productive, happy life, with the respect of my family and friends. 

Anybody who has the privilege of meeting Denise to benefit from her experience and remarkable journey, I am sure, will be better for it. She is a true inspiration and a wonderful role model. I wish Denise all the very best for what will be, without a doubt, a wonderful and exciting future helping people like myself in their rehabilitation.


Thank you Denise.

Please note Capri Hospital, referred to in the above testimonial, closed in 2016.