Treating the whole person

At Solace we understand that the journey to wellness and recovery from addiction involves the whole person and treatment must address the underlying issues causing the addiction. Many of those suffering from addiction also have mental health problems. 

Medical detox is an important part of the journey to recovery from addiction and is a key part of our rehabilitation services.  Similarly, the right aftercare and wrap around ongoing support is a vital part of treatment after residential rehabilitation. 


We ensure that our clients receive the ongoing therapy they need to continue to address the underlying reasons why addiction to drugs or alcohol has taken control over their lives.  We also provide ongoing mentoring and support as they rebuild their lives.


We believe that love, connection, hope and belonging form the foundation of a healthy life, free from addiction.  A person who is suffering from addiction has a broken foundation – whether it be a loss of faith, connection, belonging, control, or hope.  


At Solace, the treatment we facilitate for our clients is world class and involves supporting each person through their individual journey back to health, rebuilding their foundations.  

We are all different, and there is no one size fits all approach to treating addiction. 


At Solace we ensure every person gets the medical treatment, rehabilitation, aftercare support and mentoring tailored to their unique needs.